2022 Swag Tour Staff Bag – Black

A truly rare item for the most enthusiastic Swag fans, this PGA Tour modeled staff bag is built with black matte panels that feature stacked gray skulls and high voltage accents. SWAG branding and an impeccably stitched dripping skull on the side make this bag impossible to miss. Whether you are a +2 handicap or a 28 handicap, as long as you live by the SWAG mantra “Don’t Give A Putt” on the strap, gaming this bag should not be a problem!

  • 9″ 6 Way Divided Top
  • Easy snap close Magnetic Ball Pocket
  • Premium Vinyl and Microsuede Materials
  • Rain Cover included
  • Premium black chrome zippers and pulls


Trait Required

Swag Flair White Sunglasses

Token Numbers

PLEASE NOTE: These tokens have not yet been used, and it is possible for someone to use them moments before selling to you.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 36 in